1972 Bee Gees – My World / Run To Me

1972 Bee Gees – My World / Run To Me

Most bands are lucky to have even one successful career. The Bee Gees have had at least three (without even counting their early days in Australia!)

The band started recording hits in England in 1967. By the time the dust settled in 1969, the group had notched two top ten singles in the US and the UK and two more chart-topping singles in the UK. Disagreements over which sides of their singles would be the a-side ended when Robin left the band and pursued a solo career.

Barry and Maurice continued as a duo. They filmed a television special and released a not very successful album. Both projects shared the name Cucumber Castle

Robin released some solo records that didn’t do too well and then returned to the band. They started their new career with a new album and immediately hit #3 on the Hot 100 near the end of 1970 with the song Lonely Days. The next year, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart reached #1 on the Hot 100, and in 1972 the band had two medium hits that both continued the Country feel that had followed the band since Robin left.

The first single that year became My World. Barry and Robin co-wrote the song and Robin sang lead vocals.

The single reached #16 on both the Hot 100 and the UK charts.

Work on a new album began shortly after that release. They released To Whom It May Concern in November. Run To Me became the lead single; all three brothers have a writing credit on the song and Barry sang lead vocals.

The single again took them up to #16 on the Hot 100 and also reached the top ten in the UK.


The Bee Gees continued recording albums, but almost nobody paid them any attention for several years. The group relocated to Miami and recorded a new album there in 1975.

Disco wasn’t yet what it would soon grow into, but their single of Jive Talkin took them to #1 in the US and #5 in the UK. Their next major career had only just begun! 


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