Can you help pick out my next book?

I’ve written enough articles to create another dozen books, but I’m debating what it should be:

(a) Another book with two records from each year from 1955 to 1989.

(b) A book that looks at all the lost or forgotten oldies from a three- or four-year period arranged chronologically based on the month the song peaked on the charts.

If you like plan (b), there’s the question of which years I should cover first:
(1) 1960-63
(2) 1964-69 (Beatles and British Invasion
(3) 1970-75
(4) 1976-79 (disco!)
(5) 1980-84
(6) 1985-89

Please leave a comment (or two) to let me know which kind of book would most appeal to you…and thanks for helping out!

4 thoughts on “Can you help pick out my next book?”

  1. Number (2) – Something along the lines of how fluid the various groups were with the various members. There were a lot of movement between groups. Sort of like football has a coaching tree.


  2. Somebody lovingly created a series of flow charts showing the movement of a large number of musicians through various groups and published it as a hardcover book.

    I know I sold a few of them, I just hope I still have one squirreled aside somewhere!


    1. Would you happen to remember the title of the book ? Thank you for your time.
      I appreciate what you do here. It is interesting, sort of a back stage look at the music business.


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