A New Problem for Friday Night Magic

We run Friday Night Magic every week, and I usually start my daily column in the early afternoon and finish it while the players are busy in the back of the store.

Not Tonight!

Somewhere between 6:40 and 7:00, the power went out. Since the store instantly became dark in the gaming area, you might think that was it for the nite…not so! The players pulled out their cell phones, lit up the tables, and kept playing! It was a new experience and everybody seemed to have a good time.

After more than an hour, we finally called it a night and sent everybody home. We gave everybody a promo pack on the way out the door and encouraged them all to return again next week…when the lights were all on again.

My computer? Never came back on. I have a half-finished article on a minor hit by Neil Diamond and was just getting into how after that he created a 45-second theme song for a sitcom that got rejected. He then grabbed some lyricists and turned the song into a number-one record on the Hot 100!

I’ll do my best to finish it up for you during Yu-Gi-Oh Saturday morning. Once my computer works again, I’ll also do what I can to post a picture of Magic by Phone-Light.

Hmm…turn on your phone light?

2 thoughts on “A New Problem for Friday Night Magic”

  1. Looks like fun! I’m attempting to build a Commander deck in order to join you all this week. Hopefully it’s decent.


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