1988 Climie Fisher – Love Changes (Everything)

1988 Climie Fisher – Love Changes (Everything) 

Singer Simon Climie and Rob Fisher (the former keyboardist for Naked Eyes) met while working as studio musicians at Abbey Road Studio in the mid-to late-eighties. They began recording as a duo, but made little progress with their first two singles.

They co-wrote their third single with Dennis Morgan, a Country songwriter from Nashville who had written hits for Barbara Mandrell, Sylvia, and Ronnie Milsap. The band had hoped to get Rod Stewart to record the song but when he turned it down they simply recorded it themselves.

The initial release of Love Changes (Everything) only reached #67 on the UK chart and missed the US market completely.

The band’s fourth single from their initial album, Rise To The Occasion, did not do well either until the hip hop remix by PWL’s Phil Harding and Jamie Bromfield came out and reached the UK top ten in 1988.

The success of the remix led to a new remix of Love Changes (Everything) in 1988. The new single popped up to #2 on the UK chart and even reached #23 on the US Hot 100, #12 on the Adult Contemporary chart, and even #16 on the US Dance chart.

The band released a few more minor hits co-written with Dennis. When their second album failed to thrive in 1989, the band simply split up.

Climie continued working actively in the music business. He continued songwriting and producing records for other artists. He co-wrote I knew You Were Waiting For Me for Aretha Franklin and also co-wrote songs for Eric Clapton and for Michael McDonald’s Motown albums.

Rob died after an attack of cancer in 1999.


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