1956 The Teen Queens – Eddie My Love

1956 The Teen Queens – Eddie My Love

Maxwell Davis was a saxophone player in the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra in the late thirties, playing mostly jazz. He began working in rhythm and blues in Los Angeles in the mid-forties, initially playing and later arranging. In 1955, Modern Records hired him as their main bandleader for Modern Records and served as their music director and producer for many of the company’s recordings.

Aaron Collins was a member of the Cadets, who recorded their first single on Modern Records in 1955. Aaron Collins sang lead on Don’t Be Angry, which reached #2 on the R&B chart.

Saul Bihari, one of the co-founders of Modern Records, used the pseudonym Sam Ling and co-wrote Eddie My Love with Maxwell and Aaron. Aaron’s sisters, Betty Collins and Rosie Collins, recorded the song as the Teen Queens.

On March 3, 1956, the single by the Teen Queens landed on the charts. Their version peaked at #14 on the last chart in March.

The Chordettes were a quartet that formed in Wisconsin in 1947. The group won on Arthur Godfrey’s Talent Scouts radio show in 1949 and began singing on his shows regularly. In 1954, the group recorded the number one hit, Mr. Sandman. They had not made it to the top forty again until they covered Eddie My Love in 1956. Their single reached the Hot 100 on March 10. Their single also peaked at #14 in the March 31 chart.

The Fontane Sisters moved from Havana to New York in the late forties and began recording hits almost immediately. They released Hearts Of Stone in 1954, and their single topped the charts. They had five more top forty singles in 1955 (including one Christmas single) and also covered Eddie My Love in early 1956. Their single reached the Hot 100 on March 10. Their version did slightly better than the others and stayed on the chart longer. It reached #11 on the April 21 chart.

The Teen Queens recorded additional singles for multiple labels without ever charting again, and the group broke up by 1961.

The Chordettes had seven more top forty singles by 1961, including the #2 hit, Lollipop.

The Fontane Sisters only managed three more top forty singles before they retired in 1961.

The Cadets released their single cover of the Jayhawks hit, Stranded In The Jungle, in 1956, and reached #15 on the Hot 100.


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