Trapped in the Hospital!

Sadly, I’ve been in the Hospital with Cancer for a few weeks.

I hope to return to daily posts within a few weeks!


7 thoughts on “Trapped in the Hospital!”

  1. Take care of you. The page and members will be here. We miss you but want you to be well. Keep us updated and let us know when you will be back. 🙏🙏🙏😊😇


  2. You never know when your last message will be your last. Thank you for all the time and insight you put into this blog each week. You will be remembered and you will be missed.

    In Loving Memory, ❤ Andrew Murrell


  3. Remmie, Im gonna miss you buddy. My comic reading declined over the past years. I always tried to make it in when I could tho. I appreciated you more than I could ever write out here. I hope you are feeling better friend. The gaming world is definitely gonna miss you and your Libertarian ways. I’m saddened by your passing.


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